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HOCICO  (dark-electro, Mexica) 
4th of April 2016
Moscow, «ТЕАТРЪ» club


Russian Synth Community 


 HOCICO (dark-electro, Mexica)


The headliners of industrial dance floors and market makers of extreme electro, Mexican dark-electro duet is coming back to Moscow with the new album “Ofensor” and classic hits!

They grew up in hot Mexico, the reign of poverty and criminal. They were very much upset with the reality around them but they found a way to express their discontent, hatred and sound aggression in extreme electronic music. Being under the influence of such bands as Skinny Puppy and FLA, industrial metal and punk hardcore the two Latin-American teenagers were first mastering synths and vocal arrangements and after they changed their names to anagrams - Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam – and united into the project named HOCICO. They managed to do the impossible – they become famous outside Latin America, worldwide!

This year the band released a new album “Ofensor” which is the symbiosis of accumulated experience and same seething energy of the young due to which the dark heart of the HOCICO is beating for a quarter of a century without tiredness!

In “THEATRE” on 3rd of April dark synth arrangements, industrial sound and radio disturbance cracks, high speed techno rhythms, furious tortured vocal and roasting squall of cyber sound in which, it might even seem, one can hear echo of maya tribal drums, transformation of negative emotions and aggression into pure positive energy – everyone who ever saw HOCICO on stage knows all of the above!!


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MOSCOW timetable *:
* The promoters reserve the right to make changes in the program of the event without preliminary notice/announcement
3rd of April 2016
19:00 –  doors open
Ticket prices:
General admission –  from 1900 RUR  
VIP – from 2500 RUR 
E-tickets of all categories are available at Russian Synth Community ticket service WWW.MUZZBILET.RU
Presales in MOSCOW:**
** Promoters bear no responsibility for authenticity of tickets purchased in places other than below listed
  • Music store Zig-Zag (B. Spasoglinishevskiy per. 9/1, str.10, Kitay-Gorod metro station)
  • Rock-store “U diadi Bori” (uncle Boria’s) (near m. "Chistye Prudy)

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