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London After Midnight (gothic / death-rock, USA) 
24 of july 2014
"VOLTA" club, Moscow



Russian Synth Community 

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT (gothic / death-rockUSA)

 MAESTRO NOSFERATU (gothic industrial, Russia)


USA death-rock stars – the one and the only gothic London After Midnight – will perform in Moscow!

London After Midnight are originators of the second wave of gothic rock. Within the fans circle they are as much of a cult as Sisters of Mercy.

The leader and the only permanent member Sean Brennan tries to avoid gothic label which however has stuck to the project. His main interests are not vampire sagas but fight against total control, animal protection and protest against psychology of the modern consumer society. Despite all the above he still has time for songs about sad love and dark side of human relationship, not to mention his androgynous image.

The project was founded in the USA in the beginning of 90-s and was named after the famous silent mystery film. Yet before official records’ releases London After Midnight gained quite a success by playing in Los Angeles clubs where the effect of their dark other-worldly music was multiplied by the musicians’ unusual appearances and giant spiders hanging down from the ceiling. Later the band used special videos made by Sean himself on their shows.

On the latest to the date album «The Violent Acts of Beauty» the band stepped away from figurative lyrics and levels pretty direct criticism at American policy, philistine indifference and ignorance.

Despite prevailing gothic fan base Sean Brennan says he’d rather listen to Bob Dylan than Marilyn Manson. He finds his inspiration in The Doors, T-Rex and David Bowie music.

On 24th of July you have a rare chance to travel to the dark side and plunge into the world of authentic worries about the fate of the modern world, feel the bitter taste of loss, live all human sins and repent and become purer together with London After Midnight music!

Moscow project Maestro Nosferatu will be the opening act of the show. The band was founded in 2008 and its members describe their music as follows: “it’s a fantastic combination of mystical electronic atmosphere, gothic exaltation and cobwebs of glorious sound. Fire rhythm and alluring vocal give you and incredible feeling comparable to tribal dance on a blade”.


London After Midnight videos:


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MOSCOW* timetable:

24th of July 2014

19:00 – doors open




Ticket prices for the Moscow show on 24th of July 2014:   

Pre-sale prices:

General admission – from 1500 RUR

VIP - from 2500 RUR (subject to particular seat)


Pre-sale offices:

E-tickets of all categories are available at Russian Synth Community ticket service WWW.MUZZBILET.RU


VIP tickets are available only at



Tickets are on presale in Moscow**:

** Promoters bear no responsibility for authenticity of tickets purchased in places other than below stated


Club « Volta » (Bumazhniy proezd 19/3)

Internet-shops http://www.muzzbilet.ruhttp://www.ponominalu.ru (delivery within Moscow);

Music store Zig-Zag (B. Spasoglinishevskiy per. 9/1, str.10, Kitay-Gorod metro station)

Rock-store “U diadi Bori” (uncle Boria’s) (near m. "Chistye Prudy)


* The promoters reserve the right to make changes in the program/timetable of the event without preliminary notice/announcement

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