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Roman Rain (darkwave / rock / synthpop, Росссия) 
Lie Detector  (eclectic synth music, Россия) 
On June 21, 2014
"Teatr" club, Moscow



Russian Synth Community 

Roman Rain (darkwave / rock / synthpop, Russia) 
Lie Detector  (eclectic synth music, Russia) 


Summer-the time of pleasure, vacations and creative laziness! 

ROMAN RAIN in conjunction with the well-known Russian synth formation LIE DETECTOR open summer season of WHITE CONCERTS!

Aside from well-established concert traditions, the event includes a LOT of exclusives and unusual performances. You are going to witness these awesome synth-pop geniuses’ collaborative tracks, which are going to be performed ONLY within the framework of this show!

Series of the concerts starts with an exclusive premiere of MAESTRO & LIE DETECTOR’s  brand new collaborative single ‘POWER ON’, which promises to  be a dance hit of summer 2014!


To fill the summer and get straight into the thick of creative autumn, we’re pleased to announce the date of the first WHITE show!

Be sure to wear WHITE clothes, accessories or interesting design decisions- show us your creativity! It’s called WHITE for a reason, right?



Event in the social networks:


The concert in Moscow*:

 June 21, 2014

19:00 - entrance


21:00 – ROMAN RAIN



Tickets for the concert in Moscow:


Dance floor- 500 rubles and more

VIP- 800 rubles and more (depending on location)



ELECTRONIC TICKETS of all categories are available for purchase at the ticket service Russian Synth

VIP tickets available only at;


*Organizers are not liable for the authenticity of tickets purchased in other places/from hands.

At the ticket window of " Teatr " (str.  Staraya Basmannaya 20 b. 1 );

In online stores: http://www.muzzbilet.ruhttp://www.concert.ruhttp://www.ponominalu.ruhttp://www.popmarket.ru in Moscow).

In rock shop Зиг-Заг ; (m Kitai-gorod, Spasoglinischevsky B. per., 9/1, b. 10);

Rock Shop У Дяди Бори m. Chistie Prudi (5 m from the metro).

* The organizers reserve the right to change the schedule of the event.



Roman Rain is well-known to the Russian listeners as one of the most controversial and mysterious people of musical world. His controversial music video   “Королева”, designed in flamboyant Gothic style, held the first line of MUZTV’s ‘IMHO Chart’ for several months. In 2012 Roman shared the stage with great and awful Marilyn Manson in St.-Petersburg.
Last summer ROMAN RAIN presented the music video and the single ‘Барбара’, which became a turning point in the development of the creative role of the artist. Both single and video marked a radical reboot in artist’s work as Roman was previously known as the maestro of dark scene. The current vector of Roman’s music is focused on the widest audience possible. The format of his new songs is a mainstream romantic flair with decadence, framed in ultramodern arrangements. Here’s how Roman characterizes his aspiration for the change: "Experiment is very important to me. I want to try myself in the other direction in order to achieve harmony. Now my main goal is not to lose originality through the prism of a new creative revolution. This won’t be easy to achieve, but the process is going to be very interesting. It impels to action! "  
The second single titled ‘Goodbye My Love’ is an excellent illustration to his words. This expressive track washed the autumn melancholy off the Moscow’ dance floors with its eponymous refrain and memorable sound. This song was the first Roman wrote after moving to the capital in June of 2013. Song-emotion, song-allegory, song which began the construction of the new musical ‘I’-MAESTRO-sensual, open, aspiring. In that dynamic but in the same time kind of crystal, thanks weightless arrangement, composition, Roman tried to convey the fragility of dream, which is born in the soul of human; dream, so cruel  sometimes it may casually break the world. 
Roman Rain: “Sometimes, faith, love, sincerity are unable to resist the outside deceit. Then only a life-affirming creative energy can help. It was it, what became the epitome of the song ‘Goodbye My Love’. ” 

Both singles were included in the new full-length album ‘Стереокино’, which was released in the beginning of 2014 along with the eponymous music video, directed by Sviatoslav Podgaevskiy. We also must add that the record was created using the crowd funding system –fans were made shareholders and they were allowed to directly participate in the process of songwriting. On June 21 Maestro submit full concert performance which will include time-tested its and songs from his latest album in original arrangements. You just can’t miss that!


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Guys from LIE DETECTOR, electronic musical-artistic formation from Moscow,

produce and create electronic music at the crossroads of all current trends and styles . The musicians themselves define their sound as ECLECTIC SYNTH MUSIC. VIKToR and СЕргей Александрович mostly create romantic, space- and flight- related ballads, which can easily put you in the mood of harmony and comfort.  LIE DETECTOR are also known as sound producers and collectors of rare synthesizers. Band performances are always bright and intense; fascinating energy penetrates into listeners heart as every track is played ALIVE with effort and patience, at the peak of emotional and spiritual possibilities!
CAUTION! Its super easy to fall in love with this band so listen carefully! J
LD have recently released the gorgeous maxi-single MILKY WAY (МЛЕЧНЫЙ ПУТЬ) that you can listen here:!/artist/2884488/tracks

On June 21, LIE DETECTOR are going to perform some rarely played live tracks and quite a few BRAND NEW songs from the upcoming second album.

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