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Suicide Commando (Dark-Electro, Germany) 
.com/kill  (Darkwave, Germany) 
15th of september 2013
Moscow, «Moscow-Hall» club


Russian Synth Community 


The masters of dance industrial SUICIDE COMMANDO are coming back to Russia with another portion of pure adrenalin which is their album «When Evil Speaks». They will be supported by a new project of musicians from Diary of Dreams – .COM/KILL!

There was a time when Johan van Roy from Belgium with his SUICIDE COMMANDO was the maker of all distinguished characteristics of dark-electro! The secret of his up in years success in music seems to be very simple – it’s esthetics of the worst horror movies set in a world of tough dance beats, appalling mechanical sounds, apocalyptic synth parts and furious distorted vocals. However no one was able to repeat it yet despite many tried. The album «When Evil Speaks» released this year is another proof that even twenty years after the first truly big hit «See You In Hell», SUICIDE COMMANDO are in very good shape. It is the same exciting electro-industrial suspense full of fascinating melodies, frightening intonations, creepy harmonies and crushing rhythms, capable of maintaining the required degree of tension during its playing.

It’s also worth mentioning one more time that SUICIDE COMMANDO are real masters in creating a proper atmosphere on their shows. Squall of cyber sound, thunder of live drums, respective video themes and explosive energy of Johan van Roy don’t leave a single chance to ignore the live act!

The show opens with the performance of .COM/KILL project. This name must be unknown as it is but two quite popular names of the dark scene are hiding beneath it. This project is founded by the major personages of German dark-wave band DIARY OF DREAMS Andian Hates and his team-mate Gaun:A.

Despite the fact that their new project can hardly escape comparison with DIARY OF DREAMS it is still obvious that .COM/KILL is a more dark and aggressive image of the musicians and more electronic than guitar music. You can’t find here piano ballads and poetic pomposity but the spirit of the hardest of DIARY OF DREAMS tracks - «Panik?», «Kindrom» или «Chemicals». After release of debut album a lot of fans of Adrian Hates’ works asked a fair question: why couldn’t that be another DIARY OF DREAMS album? Well, perhaps live act of .COM/KILL would be a sufficient answer to that!

Attention! A real surprise for the fans of both bands will be the pre-party which will take place the night from 14th to 15th of September in «Rock House» club (m. Partizanskaya, Izmailovskoye shosse, 71/5E). Scheduled: special DJ sets from Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando) and Adrian Hates (.com/kill, Diary of Dreams), autographs and communication with musicians.

We invite all fans of synthetic sound and hard dance rhythms to «Rock House» on 14th of September and to “Moskva HALL” on 15th of September for the opening of a new concert season of 2013. 

.com/kill Video:


Suicide Commando Video: 


Social nets:


MOSCOW timetable*:

15 of September 2013

19:00 – doors open

20:00 - .COM/KILL



Ticket prices for the Moscow show 15 of September 2013:


General admission – 1500 RUB

Package offer: General admission + pre-party: 1700 RUB (on sale only in

VIP – 3000 – 3500 RUB (subject to a particular seat) (on sale only in

VIP couch for 6 persons – 18000 RUB (on sale only in


On the event day:

General admission - 1700 RUB

VIP – 3500-4000 RUB (subject to a particular seat).


Pre-party at Rock House tickets:  – 400 RUB


E-tickets of all categories are available at Russian Synth Community ticket service


Tickets are on presale in Moscow:

* Promoters bear no responsibility for authenticity of tickets purchased in places other than below stated

Club «Moscow Hall» (Triumfalnaya sq. 1)

Internet-shops, (delivery within Moscow);

Music store Zig-Zag (B. Spasoglinishevskiy per. 9/1, str.10, Kitay-Gorod metro station)

Rock-store “U diadi Bori” (uncle Boria’s) (near m. "Chistye Prudy")

Rock-store "Arsenal" (near m. "Kurskaya",  Verhniy Susalniy pereulok, 4/6, stroenie 3)


* The promoters reserve the right to make changes in the program of the event without preliminary notice/announcement


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