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DJ RAM continues working with Diskoxid, he makes remixes of songs for bands SPLIN, CHICHERINA, TANTSI MINUS, LINDA, LAKMUS, BIPLAN, TATU, ZDOB SI ZDUB, SVINTSOVIY TUMAN, LIAPIS TRUBETSKOY, IVAN KUPALA, KVARTAL, TUMANNIY STON, KINO, BIO, DETSKIY PANADOL and PORK ROLL, he also works with J-RUN (Evgeniy Radionov), SPUTNIK 55, MOSCOW GROOVES INSTITUTE, DA BOOGY CREW. It is very hard to define style of his works, it is very diverse - from a depressive trip-hop to a merry brake-beat, and you may see this if you listen to his remixes. Lately DJ RAM works closely with so - called "alive" bands. Most of all DJ Ram is interested in working with guitar music. The most advanced radio-stations broadcasted his works. These works include the sensational remix of "Zabavi" ("Fun") by Mumiy Troll, almost chamber remix of "Moloko I med" ("Milk and honey") by SPLIN, a merry break-bit mix of the Zdob si Zdub's song "Ti menia ostavila" ("You have left me") and a club remix of one of the latest Mumiy Troll's hits "Nevesta" ("Bride"). Lately DJ RAM cooperates with foreign labels as well. One of his works is a remix for the "Nine" which have worked with such a guru of electronic music as Alphaville. Right now DJ RAM is working with many foreign musicians. Several European labels agreed to DJ RAM's making remixes for them. DJ RAM is constantly looking for new forms of music. For example, one of his latest works a remix of Mumiy Troll's song "Devochka" ("Girl") sounds purely symphonic. And in the remix for Zbod si Zdub fragments of old Soviet cartoons were used. DJ RAM also works at his own project in which he combines sampler sounds with "alive" instruments. He invites musicians to perform at clubs with such a program. Since 2000 DJ RAM works with Western Labels. His works have already been recorded in the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Germany. DJ RAM has worked with such labels as Memento Materia, A Different Drum, Synthphony Records, Intelligent Communications, HandHeldHalo Productions. After three successful remixes an American label Synthphony Records decided to continue recoding of DJ RAM's remix album. The release of the promo-single of this album is planned in May 2001 and the release of the album itself is planned in summer, 2001 At present time DJ RAM is one of the best experts of the remix's making in Russia. His first professional remix was recorded at Russian electronic studio "Solaris Station" in 1997, which was in a hot rotation on XFM 107,9 (Ireland/Dublin). He has more than 150 works. Most of them broke charts of Russia. The remix of "Zabavi" Mumiy Troll was the best one in 1999. Their project became the first in the nomination "The best Russian artist of 99" on the radio "MAXIMUM". In Russia he works almost with all the "stars" and major Russian labels. Since 2000 he has been working with foreign labels and projects, such as SONY, Memento Materia, A Different Drum, Synthphony Records, Intelligent Communications, HandHeldHalo Productions

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