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DJ RAM continues working with Diskoxid, he makes remixes of songs for bands SPLIN, CHICHERINA, TANTSI MINUS, LINDA, LAKMUS, BIPLAN, TATU, ZDOB SI ZDUB, SVINTSOVIY TUMAN, LIAPIS TRUBETSKOY, IVAN KUPALA, KVARTAL, TUMANNIY STON, KINO, BIO, DETSKIY PANADOL and PORK ROLL, he also works with J-RUN (Evgeniy Radionov), SPUTNIK 55, MOSCOW GROOVES INSTITUTE, DA BOOGY CREW. It is very hard to define style of his works, it is very diverse - from a depressive trip-hop to a merry brake-beat, and you may see this if you listen to his remixes. Lately DJ RAM works closely with so - called "alive" bands. Most of all DJ Ram is interested in working with guitar music. The most advanced radio-stations broadcasted his works.


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